About me

profilI was born in 1979 in Slovakia. I’ve been painting since my early childhood.

As a teenager I painted street graffiti and became one of the first graffiti artists in Slovakia (1995). I am doing graffiti and street art in London and other parts of the world nowadays.

Besides graffiti painting, I started dancing break dancing and founded a widely-known dance crew in Slovakia called “Old School Brothers”. With my crew we won the competition in the internationally popular TV show “Got Talent” in 2008. Since then, I’ve been making appearances in various TV shows. I hold the Slovakian record in break dancing head spin. I performed as an opening dancer for 50Cent, Naughty by Nature, The Game, and Snoop Dogg.

I spent most of my time in various art sectors: body painting, airbrush car painting, wall decorative paintings, and giant outdoor and indoor advertising walls. I participated in many airbrush technique workshops and I completed thousands of work of art orders.

All my artworks are signed unconventionally – while spinning on my head!
After 25 years of art and dance experience, I now spend most of my time painting on canvas. Doing so, I do not feel restricted with the demands of the customer and I give it my best feelings and imagination using various techniques, such as spray, airbrush, and acrylic. Most of the time I create a replicas of a photos taken by a photographer or myself and give the image a unique touch.

My works of art are admired all over the world, particularly in the USA, England, Austria, Switzerland, Russia, and Slovakia. Most of my artwork consists of two to six pictures. On request I will create paintings matching your wishes. I will gladly answer all inquiry-based questions via email or phone.